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Forest Management Plans

A written management plan is often a necessity when managing large properties or when managing properties where decisions are made by more than one person, such as a family owned LLC. Written management plans are also a great way to insure continuity in management when property ownership passes from one generation to the next. Written management plans are required to be eligible for the Use Value Assessment Program in North Carolina, a program that greatly reduces property taxes for owners of forestland and farmland.  

Forest Land Sales

We have the knowledge and expertise to properly market timberland. Whether the highest and best use for the land is for growing trees or for growing houses, our expertise in woodland properties pays off big for our clients when it comes time to sell land. Jeff Pardue is a licensed North Carolina real estate broker. Buyers like dealing with brokers who know their way around in the woods as well as in the office.

Logging Road Design

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Proper logging road design is critical when managing property on a long-term basis. Prior planning, proper design, and good construction of logging roads can save a landowner thousands of dollars, especially if the property will be converted from forestland to residential property or other uses.   

Expert Witness

We have been called upon many times to appear in court to provide expert testimony about forestry matters. Our experience in this arena has enabled us to provide credible and convincing testimony for our clients.



We are proud that we have helped landowners reforest thousands of acres of woodland.  For those landowners who have an eye to the future, we take special care to make sure that their investments in reforestation are successful. On every timber sale, we advise our clients about reforestation long before the trees are harvested. Then, when timber harvesting activities are completed, a reforestation plan is immediately implemented. Most of our reforestation efforts involve planting trees on cutover woodland sites. We also employ other reforestation practices through natural regeneration using seed tree and shelterwood harvests, selection harvests, and clearcut harvests.

Timber Inventory & Appraisal

Our timber inventories are accurate. We use modern sampling techniques combined with common sense and hard work to provide landowners with timber inventory information that can be trusted. We keep our finger on the pulse of timber markets and stumpage prices, maintaining an extensive file on stumpage prices and timber sales to gain insight into pricing trends and current market values. Many landowners, lenders, appraisers, and others have come to rely on timber inventory work and appraisals provided by Forestland Consultants, Inc. 

Timber Sales

We are brokers in timber sales, working for private landowners to get the highest price possible for the landowners' timber. Our marketing strategies, developed over many years, have proven successful in insuring that a landowner receives a competitive market price for the timber offered.


Wildlife Management

We provide technical advice with regard to habitat enhancement and food plot establishment. Our ability to manage wildlife in conjunction with normal forest management is important to all of our clients and especially important to those clients who are true wildlife enthusiasts.

Hunting Leases

Hunting leases for private forestland owners have become more and more profitable, and all indications are that the trend toward greater profitability will continue. We lease thousands of acres of forestland annually for our clients. We obtain reputable lessees, assist in preparation of a hunting lease document, make sure that lessee is covered by liability insurance, and act in a liaison capacity between the landowner and the lessee.


Our firm uses mapping grade GPS (global positioning system) receivers to enable us to accurately map forest roads, stand boundaries, property corners, and other features pertinent for constructing high quality, usable maps of forestland. Combining GPS technology with our ArcMap GIS computer mapping program enables us to give landowners the very best available maps, aerial photographs, topographical maps and other geo-referenced materials.

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